How do I download my eBook?

Quick tip: If you weren't asked where to download the eBook, by default, eBook files generally download into the 'Downloads' folder on your computer. The file type will be EPUB.

You will need a compatible device in order to read (i.e. Apple Books formerly iBooks, or Google Read) ICT eBooks, in EPUB format. It it not possible to use Adobe Reader or Preview. The eBook will automatically download to the device the order was purchased on and you will have one attempt to download the eBook.

If you are unable to download the eBook and/or want it on another device, please send us an email with the order number in the subject line.


Android Devices:

Download or Save on an Android or Apple Device:

1. You will receive an email which contains a link near the bottom of the page to download your eBook.

2. Click on the link, a new browser page may ask where you want to download the eBook

3. Press 'Download' or 'Save.'


Read the eBook on Android Device:

1. On your computer or eBook reader go to Google Play Books (

2. Click on the Upload Files button on the top right of the screen.

3. Find the eBook in the folder it was downloaded into. The file type will be EPUB.


Read the eBook on an Apple Devices:

1. Click on the downloaded eBook file.

2. This will open Apple's default eBook reader. If you have the latest OS, this will be Apple Books (formerly iBooks).

NOTE: Apple Books is also the default eBook reader on Apple iPhone, iPad and iPods with the latest version of iOS.