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How Long do the Self-Guided Courses Take to Complete?

Every course varies in length and the time it takes to complete depends on your own knowledge mastery!

000 Level Courses

21 Things - up to 3 hours 

First Steps as an Indigenous Ally - 45 minutes to 1hour 

Reconciliation Primer - 45 minutes to 1hour 


100 Level Courses

Indigenous Awareness -  up to 3 hours

Indigenous Relations - up to 3 hours

Working Effectively With Indigenous Peoples® - up to 6 hours


200 Level Courses

Indigenous Consultation & Engagement - up to 6 hours

Indigenous Employment: Recruitment and Retention - up to 6 hours

How to Negotiate with Indigenous Peoples  - up to 3 hours

Working with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - up to 3 hours